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The very best in online investment education with an outstanding history.

At Aurora, we are revolutionizing the way stock market discord servers are perceived with our consistent results and dedicated staff members. We are a community that takes pride in not just pushing out buy/sell alerts to members and expecting a sheep-like following, but instead equipping YOU with the necessary tools, strategies, and confidence required to lay the ground-work for success in this industry. Unlike other communities, we teach you to be self-reliant to the point where following analyst alerts becomes unnecessary as you find your personal trading win-rate grow exponentially. Due to the way we prioritize education and self-reliance, our server is often the "final home" for traders who spent their months and/or years roaming discords in efforts to find the perfect trading community.


We have 9 education channels available to all members that include terminology, strategies, candle stick/pattern recognition, indicators, lesson recordings, and much more. We average two educational voice sessions a day here in Aurora to further boost your knowledge and understanding. One in the morning to review the owner's personal options trades and alerts (why exactly he did what he did), and one in the afternoon to host a Q/A, market review, market predictions, and lessons regarding various topics. By taking advantage of these resources, our traders have completely turned their trading careers around with new understandings and strategies taught here in Aurora.


While most of the action happens in the premium channels of our server, we offer a free section which includes a general chat to discuss trades, speculations, and general ideas. We offer an extensive education section, and much more. Major server updates can be found under the Aurora Bulletin category. This category includes announcements, the weekly lesson and voice chat schedule, as well as updates on how our premium services are performing. Once premium is unlocked, you are granted access to nearly 40 channels dedicated to sky rocket your trading performance. This includes stock, crypto, options, and even sport betting alerts from 15 professional analysts dedicated to growing your portfolio as well as your market experience as a whole. We also have an integrated AI section that uses AI to assist you in play finding, fundamental and technical analysis, predictions, and much more.


We are dedicated to assisting you in growing your knowledge and portfolio. By attending premium lessons, following our 90% win rate alerts, and taking the time to learn the markets, your success is inevitable. If for any reason you are struggling, feel free to reach out! Staff members such as Bryce, GIOVANNI, TradeInFilth , Paper Prophet, or any Moderator online are more than willing to lend you an ear and offer our help. With that being said, take the step and invest in yourself by joining our growing community of like-minded traders because I can assure you, your trading experience and portfolio will never be the same.

- Intraday scalp trades and swing entry.
- Entry and exit alerts.
- Live trading with the server owner.
- Pre-scheduled Live Lessons trading education.
- Alerts, Options Flow, Scanners, and Predictions.
- Exclusive daily charts and technical analysis.
- Account growth and consistancy challenges.
- Access to analysts to assist you in your trading.
- Weekly equity and options watchlists.
- And much more!
- Includes all previously listed benefits.
- 15% off of total subscription price.
- And much more!