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Our advanced proprietary TradingView indicator will automatically display all key supply and demand zones for any stock instantly!

WTF!? Why does charting zones have to be this hard?

Aurora Trading Indicator

Professional Zones of Institutional Supply and Demand Imbalances

Below are various example of our indicator in predicting pivots in price action by utilizing zones of supply and demand imbalances

These red boxes represent supply zones.

ES demand bounces and supply rejections on the 1 minute

These green boxes represent demand Zones.

COST demand bounce on the 1 Day

NVDA cost demand bounce

NFLX cost demand bounce

AAPL Supply reject and cost demand bounce

QQQ intraday supply rejections and demand bounces

Here is the settings panel for our Professional Zones - Instutitional Demand and Supply Imbalances indicator

This panel allows you to fully customize and fine-tune the indicator to accomodate your preferences


  • Fully customizable appearance for zones
  • Fully customizable zone extension/size settings
  • Tunable zone offset from point of origin
  • May choose to view previously broken zones for analysis
  • Ability to filter zone ranges (+15%/-15% from current price) to de-clutter charts
  • Ability to select live zone updates to have zones formed/broken in front of your eyes
  • Opt-in for currently forming zones to appear before confirmed
  • Ability to select which timeframes to display zones to cater to all technical analysis types.
  • May choose to have auto-scanned daily gaps displayed,
  • Fully customizable appearance for gaps,
  • Immediate supply and demand zones generation for all tickers upon chart open,
  • Customizable box labeling to highlight significance in zones,
  • Optional table display how many zone(s) price action is currently within
  • Monthly
  • $ 45.00 / month
  • Yearly
  • $ 460.00 / year
  • Purchasing one full year saves you 15%!